What is the Jing Method™ of Advanced Clinical Massage?

The Jing Method™ blends the best of advanced bodywork techniques from both East and West including trigger point, fascial work, acupressure and stretching with a truly holistic approach based on the biopsychosocial model of pain and modern neuroscience. 


I found Helen's technique ideal for me. She had listened to what suited me in terms of applied pressure and this was really noticeable when I could feel muscles relaxing.  I felt that Helen had delivered an exceptional massage.

Sharon, Cheshunt

What Happens in a Session?

To limited face-to-face contact, we will have consultations via Zoom or Whatsapp which will include history taking and assessment of pain and range of motion.  This will also include pre-screening for COVID-19 risk assessment.  We will set goals and agree a treatment plan and schedule an appointment for your hand-on massage session.  For first time clients, this consultation will take 30 minutes, for subsequent sessions this will take 10-15 minutes.

The in-person massage session will be in a COVID-19 secure environment and you will be required to wear a mask.  For full details on how I am maintaining a COVID-19 secure environment and the adaptions being made please visit my COVID-19 page. The massage itself will be no more than 45 minutes. 

I will show you how to get onto the couch and to cover yourself with the towels.  I will leave you to undress, leaving your underwear on.  You will be covered with clean towels and only the area that is being massaged will be uncovered at any one time. 

Following your treatment, I will leave you to dress in private before reassessing pain & range of motion.  To minimise contact time, we will schedule a 5-10 minute Zoom or Whatsapp call where I will give you tailored aftercare for you to do between sessions.  The Jing Method™ follows up to 6 weekly sessions before moving to a maintenance of monthly massage once pain is reduced between sessions. 


Session One:

30 minute online consultation; 45 minute massage; 10 minute online follow-up


No extra charge for longer initial consultation

Sessions Two - Six:

15 minute consultation; 45 minute massage; 10 minute follow-up

£50 / session

Online Sessions

60 minute consultation including range of motion assessment and design of self-care programme

£30 / session


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