Helen Cleary MTI

"Hello, I'm Helen and I provide life-enhancing, holistic massage to local women who suffer aches, pains and stresses caused by modern living."

What is modern living? 


It can be many things but may well include elements such as: 

  • Hours of sitting at a desk at work or hunched in a vehicle driving

  • Dealing with the pressure of deadlines and expectations of work colleagues

  • Being responsible for dependants which may be not only children but elderly parents 

  • Not having time to relax

  • Carrying bags on shoulders

  • Chronic poor posture. 

I've been there, and if you're reading this, you may well be there too.

Massage can help relieve the tension and aches that arise from this daily routine.  I work with clients in the massage session to identify and ease tight muscles, allowing the client time to slowdown and re-connect with their body.   I discuss with the client possible small changes they can make in their daily life to further maintain the benefits of massage.  A 30 or 60 minute massage session is relaxing and easing, but I care that my clients benefit for the remaining 23 hours of their day!


I source beautiful organic carrier oils to use in my practice.  We only have one Earth and I believe that we should do what we can to look after it.  Organic oils often undergo less processing than non-organic oils, are generally thicker in consistency and richer in omega, mineral and vitamin content.  




The care in my work is very important to me.  It's been a constant 'theme' in my working life from my nursing days, through to working in science studying cancer and, for the last couple of decades, supporting people to stop smoking.

I'm a qualified holistic massage therapist.  I studied with Bodyology school of massage in London, I'm fully insured, am a member of the Massage Training Institute and registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.

I look forwards to working with you.

e-mail: helencleary.massagetherapist@gmail.com   ¦   phone: 07935 390573

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