The 'sage' in massage

Definition: 'sage';adjective "Wise, especially as a result of great experience".

Massage has been practised for thousands of years around the world. As far back as the Egyptians where tomb paintings show that massage therapy was part of their tradition. The Greeks, Romans, in ancient China and India... the wisdom of therapeutic touch has early beginnings.

In the early 1800's, the Swedish doctor, Per Henril Ling, developed the 'Swedish Movement System' but it was the Dutchman, Johan Georg Mezger, who defined the basic strokes of Swedish massage. There are so many types of massage, but they all have the basic practise of one person applying therapeutic touch to another. Yes, the knowledge of technique, anatomy and physiology is needed, but the 'sage', the wisdom, I believe that comes to the connection between therapist and client. For the therapist to listen to the client, not only with the sense of hearing but with all their senses, throughout the consultation and the massage. In this way, I hope my clients benefit from the the wisdom of our ancestors and which therapists continue to build upon and develop today.

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